Christian and Voting for Trump?

As is typical in an election year, a lot of people are sharing their opinions on the candidates.  I tend to shy away from this except with those closest to me-those who really know my heart. Because the one thing I find that frustrates me, is that there seems to be a lot of judgement placed on people based on who they support. An opinion is formed about your intelligence, your morals and convictions, and your devotion or support of a variety of things.  One thing I am especially seeing this time around is the question of a person’s devotion to Christ if they support Trump. People are in so many words saying, “How can you call yourself a devout Christian and vote for someone like that?”

People are saying they simply cannot put their support behind someone who says and does the things he has in his personal life and even on the public stage.  I understand. I imagine the heart in which that decision comes from. I’ll even buy that argument from someone if they also don’t participate in or show their support (either actively or passively) of anything that glorifies those same behaviors and language that causes them to refuse to vote for a man like Trump.  That includes private conversations, movies, and television shows. Because, if I may be so bold, that is why we have Trump as a nominee. That is why he triumphed over more conservative people.

When we watch shows and movies that conflict with our beliefs, we are sending the message that we like it and we support it, and more will be made and aired.  When we support a business that blatantly and openly rejects our beliefs, it sends a message to society that we are okay with it. We may cause others who respect us to respond in kind because it must not be that bad if we support it. I’m guilty of all of this as well-I have said and done many things in my life that are not becoming of a Christian.  My point is not to judge anyone, just to point out that Trump is not the problem. We can say he is the problem. We can believe that not voting him into office makes us holier, or more devoted to Christ.  We may believe that it would be a dishonor to ourselves, to God, and to His plan if we “compromised our beliefs” to vote for a man like Trump. And if someone believes that, I will not judge them or believe they are wrong for what they believe God is directing them to do.

I just don’t feel that way. I feel there could be worse in the White House than Trump. One major difference between him and other candidates is that they are more polished speakers. They have had time and practice in knowing how, what and when to say things. I don’t believe Trump is the worst candidate we have ever had, and possibly not even the worst I have voted for. I don’t know. The media has just made sure that we know about all of Trump indiscretions.

There is another aspect for me. I have prayed a lot over the last few years for God to help me see people through His eyes, and there is something redeemable I see in Trump. God is not only concerned with humanity, but with the individual. He loves Donald Trump as much as He loves anyone.  We don’t know God’s plan unless He has revealed it to us, and He has not revealed His plan for this election to me.  Perhaps though, He has brought Trump to this place to expose his sins so that he would be embarrassed and it would lead to repentance. From what I have read, Trump has been receiving spiritual counsel and is opening up more and more to the things of Christ. Perhaps it took this. Perhaps I am way off base. I just know that I want to be open to whatever God’s plan might be.  God has used some pretty interesting characters to further His Kingdom and unfold His plan. Are we saying he can’t use Trump? What a story of redemption that would be. I may even buy the memoir.