Receiving My Crown

I had a surreal experience yesterday; or perhaps, a recognition of where I am in life, and the natural progression of things.  It was my (older) cousin’s fortieth birthday party.  We gathered with my mom, a couple of her sisters, and a couple of my cousins and my sisters. I visited with my Aunts, then moved outside with my cousins and sisters to take some fun photos. After we talked about my “silver highlights” our conversation veered toward the past.  Then we decided to make a photo recreation of a reoccurring event in which my older cousin would sit on me, and my older sister would defend me. We talked about things we did as kids, and I mentioned how we were at the same point in our lives that our parents were when we were our kids’ ages.

The feeling I had wasn’t really what I expected. It wasn’t sadness or dread that we are inching closer towards the issues of old age. Turning thirty hadn’t bothered me, and I don’t anticipate turning 40 in 3 years will bother me either. It’s part of the reason I don’t color my hair. There is a certain amount of wisdom and maturity that comes with getting older; and aren’t “silver highlights” just a natural indication of that? It’s basically what I said to the (albeit not so tactful, but nice) guy at church who asked if my “silver highlights” were natural, or if I put them in. I just quoted what the Bible says about them. They are a crown of splendor. Proverbs 16:31 reads that “The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness.”  I told him I am getting my crown.

I wouldn’t go back for anything. Every year that passes, I learn more. I become more secure in myself and in my relationships; perhaps most importantly, my identity in Christ. I have recently, in the last year, begun to pray regularly that God would help me to see people through His eyes, and a bonus of that is that He has begun showing me how He sees me.

I looked around yesterday at all of the awesome women. The idea of getting older gave me feelings of joy and satisfaction. My sisters, cousins and I have turned out pretty well; and if my mom and aunts are any indication of where we are headed, I’d say that’s something to look forward to.