Insecurity At Its Finest

Do you ever have those days in which you just don’t feel good enough?  Like, for anything? Like, you just don’t measure up? Like you don’t stand out in any area?  And everyone else knows it too?  Like no one asks your opinion on anything, but they ask other people who have the same amount or less experience than you? So, it must just be that you aren’t good enough?  I have those days. Yeah, I have those days.

I have those days in which I feel like I have very little impact on those around me; those days in which I feel like my kids could have had a better mother, my husband could have had a better wife, etc.  I wonder if my friends really like me or tolerate me.  Do they really consider me a friend?  Am I special to anyone?

Yeah, I got that real. I have those days. I’m probably not the only one. But I imagine people don’t like to admit it, because the people who have those days probably worry that if others know what they think on those days, they’ll be considered a freak or messed up. Then wouldn’t it reinforce what they already think people think?

The key, I guess, is not letting those days drag on. It’s answering those questions truthfully. It’s remembering the good things people have said, the positive reinforcement. It’s taking people at their word, and not wondering if they really mean it.  It’s remembering that it doesn’t matter what people think anyway.  What matters most is what God thinks. And if we attempt to answer those questions with God in mind-Am I special? Do I stand out?-I think we’ll like the answers. He tells us what He thinks of us in His Word, and it’s good.


4 thoughts on “Insecurity At Its Finest

    • Well, we all have frailties and I think the articles/blog posts that have helped me the most are the ones in which people are totally real and I can see that we all need God’s grace to make it. It’s about swallowing pride and helping others. I used to be terrified that if people really knew me, there would be no way they would like me. However, I decided anyway to be more real and if people liked me, they did, and if they didn’t, they didn’t. Amazingly, I have seen my relationships with friends and family grow much deeper through it. And it’s more freeing! God’s grace is sufficient to cover all of our shortcomings.

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