I Don’t Want to Just Complain

I’m the type of person who has no trouble writing a complaint letter to a company if I feel I’ve been mistreated, jipped or duped, or if I think something should be brought to their attention. I once wrote a letter to the Detroit Tigers’ Organization because a security guard was standing by and doing nothing while a man near our section was using extremely foul and offensive language and threatening anyone who dared confront him about it.  I’ll say they were very apologetic and offered us free tickets.  I also wrote to the company we bought our trampoline from after it literally began falling apart after less than a year, and heard nothing back, (Pure Fun Trampolines, by the way) but I felt better.  I figure that if it’s a good company, they want to know about what can be improved upon, right?

I also have no problem telling other people about my experiences.  I don’t want them to waste their money too. I also feel that if a company has no interest in addressing problems their customers experience, they don’t deserve customers.

I’ll get to my point: An experience we had this weekend got me thinking- I don’t know how often I write letters of compliment.  I give recommendations to people based on places I like, but I cannot remember the last time I actually wrote a letter to tell a business what I really liked about a place.  I am going to attempt to remedy that.

My husband and I have talked many times about how hard it is for a big family on a budget to do anything.  All we want is a good value, friendly and helpful staff members, and a safe family atmosphere.  It is so hard to find all three. We have experienced only one of those at many places, are pleased when we experience two of those, but rarely find somewhere that fills all three.

I am not really a camper.  Growing up my dad took us camping. I mean real camping.  He thought campsites were for chumps.  He would find a secluded spot by a river and dig us a hole in the woods.  You know what for.  I prefer toilets that flush and electric and water on the campsite.  As an adult I have stayed at a few campgrounds and because of some of those experiences, I shied away from camping.  The biggest issue I had was the crazy inappropriate behavior and foul language of the campers who drank a little too much and forgot there were other people around.

Well, I had the idea of going camping this past weekend to bond as a family away from electronic devices and other distractions. Upon a recommendation from a family member, we chose Wesleyan Woods Campground.  The website looked fun enough and I was pleased to see that it was an alcohol free camp-so no chance of a repeat of previous experiences.

I am ecstatic to say that they fulfilled all three of the aforementioned wish list items: good value; friendly, helpful staff; and a family friendly atmosphere. We had such a great time that we are already planning our next visit. I welcome you to read my open compliment letter to them:

Dear Wesleyan Woods Board and Staff:

I am writing to tell you how pleased our family was with our recent stay at the campground.  Actually, pleased seems too ineffectual of a word.  We were blessed by our stay.

We were looking for a place to get away and bond as a family by removing ourselves from the distractions of daily life and interacting through fun activities. Wesleyan Woods far exceeded our expectations. Between the self-directed activities and staff-directed activities, there was more than enough to do for all ages.

Everyone we came in contact with-whether staff members, volunteers, or other campers-were friendly, kind and helpful.  While there this past weekend, someone anonymously blessed us with wood, and someone else offered the use of their heater when I mentioned we had been cold the night before.

Thank you so much for providing a safe, family friendly place at a great value.  We are already planning our next visit, and we will happily and enthusiastically recommend the campground to our friends and family.

Thank you,

The Jamie and Cyndy Payne Family



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