Why I Love 19 Kids and Counting, What I Admire About Michelle Duggar, and How I Feel About the Recent Development

I’ll start by saying that of course, I don’t know Michelle Duggar personally. I know what I see on T.V. or what I’ve read online.  However, based on those experiences, she has been a source of encouragement and valuable ideas to me and my girls. What I have really liked is that she doesn’t pretend to be perfect.  She is open about her past indiscretions: her eating disorder, her lack of modesty, her physical contact before marriage.

She exhibits a grace that I admire.  She speaks gently and kindly to her children, even when correcting them.  That can be difficult to do, especially when a parent is very disappointed with a child’s behavior.  It tells me that either she is a very good actress when the cameras are rolling, or she has the love of Christ flowing through her. I choose to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe the latter.  It’s more uplifting to me.

Something else I have noticed is that though she has many children, she makes an attempt to have an individual relationship with all of them. I have noticed that I have to make a concerted effort to take the time to listen to, and give my undivided attention to my older children. Squeaky wheels tend to get the grease and babies and toddlers sure do squeak! Yet I have seen Michelle take the time to go to coffee with and engage in one-on-one conversations with her older children.  Then she has spoken in her camera interviews about how important it is to do that.

19 Kids and Counting has been a blessing to us.  The show has been a respite in a way from a lot of the other shows on T.V. that expose my children to things I would rather them not experience yet.  We have been able to sit together and enjoy a program that is actually edifying and uplifting.

Recently I have felt horrible about the comments I have seen online about the family.  I think people must forget that public figures are real people. I actually saw one commenter excuse the abhorrent comments he/she made by writing that by opening themselves up to the public they deserve and should expect any comments that are made about them.  I was looking for information on whether or not TLC was planning on cancelling the show permanently and had to quit searching because the comments and articles I was finding were literally making me nauseated.  My spirit was hurt.

I have girls, and I agree with Josh Duggar’s comment that his behavior as a teen was “inexcusable.”  However, I also agree with Mike Huckabee that it is not “unforgivable.”  I have been so thankful for God’s grace in my life. He extends it to everyone.  I wish it were easier for we imperfect people to do the same.  It’s amazing how a perfect God can show grace for even the most reprehensible of acts, but we humans, who also make numerous mistakes cannot.  I think by showing utter disdain and hatred of those who make mistakes, people believe it will show how righteous they are.  Unfortunately, what they don’t seem to understand is that the opposite is true.




3 thoughts on “Why I Love 19 Kids and Counting, What I Admire About Michelle Duggar, and How I Feel About the Recent Development

  1. I think it’s very sad that the Duggar family is being demonized for making mistakes in the way they handled the situation. No family handles sexual abuse perfectly but maybe this coming out will help other families learn what they should do if this ever happens to them. When a child victimizes another child, there are complex issues that must be addressed. It saddens me deeply when I hear about families who don’t quickly and decisively report incidents of abuse because they think they are trained and educated enough to handle it themselves. They’re not. The Duggars may have meant well but I know from personal experience that you don’t just receive counseling for a brief time and move on (assuming they received adequate counseling to begin with which is questionable). Sexual abuse leaves physical, emotional and spiritual scars that last a lifetime and that’s with support and treatment. God’s grace is an amazing gift and I have no doubt that God loves Josh Duggar as much as he loves Josh’s victims. God has also blessed people with the calling of helping victims and perpetrators heal and recover. I wish the Duggar parents would’ve utilized them.


  2. Great Blog! I’ve been thinking a lot of the same things. I was telling My husband how badly I feel for everyone involved in this to have to relive this. It is very wrong but it was many years ago, he admitted to it, was forgiven and is trying to live a life for Christ. The media makes it sound like he did it yesterday. I’m not making excuses (it is exactly that “inexcusable”) but we all have have sinned and it’s only by God’s Grace that any of us will live in heaven with Him.


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