Have My Rights-If I Agree With You

I’m going to get a little controversial. I apologize in advance if I offend you, because it seems that no matter how lightly one treads when attempting to discuss a controversial topic, there is almost always offense taken. Here I go.

Parental Rights. Are you still reading? I think about parental rights often. I think a lot of people take them for granted. They think simply, “They are my children. Of course I will decide what is best for them.” It goes without saying that parents (as long as abuse and neglect are not a concern) are the best ones to make the decisions for their children. Or does it? There are definitely people in congress who would disagree. There are a large number of people who think parents need help making educational, medical, and even nutritional decisions for their children. The “it takes a village” idea is being taken to the extreme with things like The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the various state and federal proposed legislation that is always trying to gain more control of homeschool families, proposed (and passed) stricter mandatory vaccine laws, and we can’t forget all of the “improvements” our First Lady has made with school lunches. Parents are being sent home with letters or being called and told what they can and can’t send in their children’s sack lunches.

The point is not whether or not we agree with all of this. The point is that parental rights are just that: rights. Although I suppose that is up for debate too as I have been told that I don’t have the right to homeschool. It is a privilege afforded me by my government. (We love each other, so we agreed to disagree.) I have seen comments by people that all parents should be forced to vaccinate their children. The question, however, is not whether or not you think kids should be vaccinated. The question is whether or not you would want to be forced to give your child any kind of medical treatment if you were strongly opposed to it and had done the research and had facts and professionals to support your side too. (Please don’t leave me links and comments about how vaccinations are important because I do in fact vaccinate my children.)

It seems that if people agree, they don’t mind their rights being taken away. They don’t care if people have the right to homeschool if they don’t agree with homeschooling. They don’t care if parents are forced to vaccinate if they believe that vaccinations are the only way to go. They don’t care if they are told what to put in their children’s lunches if they believe the healthier food is better for them anyway.

But what happens when they quit agreeing? What happens when it hits home? What happens when our government decides that it is neglectful to treat our children’s ailments naturally with herbs or oils because they are not regulated by the FDA, and you love herbs and oils? What happens when we are told we cannot feed our children food we grow from our gardens or livestock we raise ourselves because the quality, safety, and nutritional value isn’t regulated? What happens if we are given a curfew for our children and told they have to be in bed by 9:00 every night because there is a concern that children of America are sleep deprived? Think that’s ridiculous? If we allow other parental rights to be taken, we are sending a message to our government that we don’t know what is best and we need someone to tell us.

For more information on parental rights check out:



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