Lip Gloss and a Dirty Sock

I wiped my mouth on a dirty sock, on purpose.  Some days are like that.  I was in a hurry to leave.  I was finishing my makeup, and the lip gloss I put on wasn’t moisturizing enough.  I wanted to wipe it off and put on some moisturizing lipstick.  I was at my vanity in my bedroom and didn’t want to take the time to walk to the bathroom for a tissue.  I had a limited amount of time to get ready while my three-month-old was content, so I looked around and saw my seven-year-old’s dirty sock on the floor in my room (of course).

In my defense, I used the part of the sock that would be on the ankle, not the foot.  The fact that I used the sock to wipe off my lip gloss is ironic because out of all the people in my immediate and extended family, I would be the closest to a germ-a-phobe.  That’s okay.  I was diffusing Thieves oil at the same time because a couple of us had upset stomachs the night before. I figured that would cancel out any germs from the sock.

There was a time when I never would have told anyone about that. However, at my wise and advanced age of 35, I am learning not to care (or trying not to).  It gives you a little insight into my life.

I love to take care of our health as naturally as possible using herbs and oils, but I love Coke and occasionally buy my kids fruit snacks (containing no actual fruit).  I don’t like our seven-year-old to cross the street by herself in our very quiet subdivision, but I let her ride the zip line at a local farm.  I don’t know.  It makes sense to me. I just try to do what I think is right and let God’s Grace take care of the rest.


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